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Improve sleep quality and muscle recovery with Pm Protein. Pm Protein uses 5mg of melatonin and 20g of protein + all natural ingredients designed for MAXIMUM satiation to avoid those LATE-NIGHT BINGES


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replace your late night snacks...



DID YOU KNOW the effective half-life of caffeine in most individuals is 5 hours? ...meaning that even the afternoon 200-400mg pre-workout can go along way towards dramatically impacting sleep/wake patterns. Combat high-stim supplements, continue taking your favorite pre-workouts, and of course, continue training during the PM’s... 



We've all laid down to enjoy our favorite late night snack only to be left feeling hungry or unsatisfied, and it's at this point we're usually left with two options: exceed target/maintenance calories or simply struggle to overcome the late night hunger cravings.

Especially when dieting or cutting weight for competition, falling asleep hungry is often a relatively insurmountable obstacle. Formulated specifically for the PM's, the satiating nature of the bar is designed to replace late night snacking and overeating. In fact, the first thing you'll notice biting into one of our bars is just how long they take to eat compared to any other bar on the market, and the rich dark chocolate flavor serves as a perfect anabolic dessert.



Designed to aid sleep quality and post-training recovery with 5mg of melatonin, the 20g of protein found within each bar consists of a tri-blend of fast and slower digesting proteins aimed to optimize muscle cell repair and elongate protein absorption while you sleep. Additionally, a minimal amount of potassium found in each bar can go a long way towards fighting off evening and 2am cramps.